Our passion is to provide a peaceful and beautiful environment where you and your family can come together to create unforgettable memories. Whether you're looking to celebrate a special occasion, host a family gathering, or spend quality time with loved ones, our farm offers a wide range of opportunities to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Helping you create lifelong memories from our lifelong dream

22 Acres Farm was a dream realized after our kids were grown. We purchased this property so we could host weddings and create family experiences that would allow us to share our knowledge and the joy we know and love about the farm. 
Running the farm together, hosting unforgettable weddings on our farm, and creating events for families to come together and make memories has been a wonderful adventure. We feel so very blessed to get to share our experiences and the beauty of our farm with others.
 experiences and the beauty of our farm with others.

We both grew up working on farms. Getting up early to feed the animals and tend our crops was a normal way of life. When we started raising our family, we wanted our kids to have the same childhood experiences we had, so we embraced farm life - teaching our kids how to have a self-reliant mindset - growing our own food, and loving life together in the quiet and tranquility of the farm.

The farmers, dreamers, and owners of 22 Acres Farm

About Letitia and Chris Powell

They both have businesses of their own.  We turn to them for valuable input for our farm. Nicholas & his family live in Idaho.  Their online presence is PowPowCuts. Makayla owns Visual Storytelling & Co.

We have two kids.

Chris brings the muscles and Letitia brings the logistics. We work really well together and running 22 Acres Farm together has been a dream come true. 

We’ve been business partners for 30 years.

We don’t just love each other. We like each other too! We married each other to be together and build a beautiful life.

We’ve been married for over 30 years.

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We host several events throughout the year when guests can interact with our animals and learn more about them.

Our farm is home to 10+ bee hives, many steer, 40 chickens, 2 dogs, & 1 cat.

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We host weddings because we want to - not because we have to. We apply everything we learned from the previous wedding to make the next one even better. 

We’ve hosted more than 25 weddings.

We love supporting local businesses by selling their goods in our shop and sourcing their products for our events.

We support over 20 local small businesses. 

Walking the paths of our sunflowers is a breathtaking experience. Our guests fall in love with the view while capturing dozens of photos during their visit.

Our farm yields thousands of sunflowers every year.

We host a toy drive during our annual Christmas event and a school supply drive when our sunflower fields are open. Our greenhouse gives plants to local nonprofits. We encourage guests to join us in serving our community.

We give back to our local community.

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We can’t wait to serve you. 

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