Yes!  We allow photography sessions at our farm.
These sessions are for taking photos only - it is not a farm experience.
Interacting with the animals will not be permitted during these sessions.

Photography sessions

  • Don't have a photographer?  If this is you, reach out to Visual Storytelling & Co for pricing and availability
  • Do have a photographer? Send them this page for all the details.
  • Want to take your own photos? Continue reading for all the details.

There are a few options depending on who is reading this page. 

  • Farm sessions (the use of the farmscape to take photos) are $40 for 30 minutes and require a reservation.
  • Click on the "Schedule Farm Photography Session Button" to schedule a session. Pick the date & time that works for you & your clients.
  • Your reservation isn't complete without payment. Payment will not be accepted at the farm.
  • If more than 30 minutes is needed, purchase back to back sessions.




  • Time of session: Your time begins at the booked session time and will end 30 minutes later unless you have purchased back to back sessions.  Please don't "add time" by arriving and starting early. Your time begins and ends at the time you have paid for. Please be on time and leave when your time is up.  We arrange our personal schedule around your session. We do have other things happening before and after your session. Instruct your clients to stay in their vehicle in the parking lot until your session begins.
  • Address: 5455 Davis Dr., Newark, OH 43056
  • Parking: Use the parking lot.  Do not drive down the driveway toward the big barn. 
  • Restrooms: None available
  • Dogs or other pets: No dogs or pets allowed on the property for these sessions.  We have free range chickens and other animals that are not use to other dogs.  It's just safer to not bring them.  It is the photographers responsibility to communicate this to your clients.  If this is not communicated and a dog is brought onsite, the dog will have to remain in the vehicle during the session.  Please make sure your clients are aware.
  • Fence: We have almost 3/4 of a mile of beautiful black wood fence. Please don’t climb on the wood or wire fence or the gates. We need the fence & gates for our animals. If it breaks, unless someone tells us, we don’t know or realize that it’s broken until an animal gets out. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.
  • Photo opportunities: Someone will greet you to give instructions on where to shoot. Not all areas are available during your session. Please stay within the area that you given.

This is not a farm experience. Animals are off limits and you must stay in the area that will be communicated to you when you arrive.