A Journey of Love: Bethany and Nathan’s Autumn Love Story

In the heart of October’s golden embrace, Bethany and Nathan exchanged vows at the charming 22 Acres Farm in central Ohio. The celebration marked not only their wedding day, but the beginning of the next chapter in their journey of love.

Where Their Journey Began

Bethany and Nathan’s journey started when they were both a part of the same Christian fellowship group at Otterbein University. After getting to know each other over a few semesters, the two felt a connection and began their romantic journey officially on All Hallows’ Eve in 2021.

The Proposal

The two dated for nearly two years when Bethany confided in one of her best friends about her dream proposal. Fortunately, she spared no detail, and Nathan was able to convince this friend into sharing her dream with him. Then he got busy planning.

One afternoon, Nathan planned a walk with Bethany after work, something short and sweet so that she didn’t need to change from her nice office clothing. As they walked along the trail at the Hoover Reservoir, Bethany noticed flowers as they moved closer to the water.

In front of the water’s edge, perfectly timed with the sunset, Nathan asked the simple question that would change their lives forever, with a friend nearby capturing the moment. After Bethany said, “Yes,” the two joined in celebrations with their family and friends who were waiting nearby, waiting to celebrate their love and engagement with cake and sparkling grape juice.

Choosing 22 Acres Farm

When looking for a venue, 22 Acres Farm stood out with its blend of rustic charm and elegance. It was a place where they could see themselves stepping into the next chapter of their lives, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the warmth of loved ones.

In planning for their special day, the advice that stands out from this happy couple is to plan ahead. By planning early, you can reduce stress, making your wedding day much more enjoyable. Tackle the details when the horizon is clear, so when the day approaches, you can bask in the moment, stress-free.

The Celebration: A Tapestry of Joy

Bethany and Nathan’s wedding was a blend of rustic charm and understated elegance, a perfect reflection of their personalities. The Something Borrowed Room at 22 Acres Farm allowed them to add affordable personal touches without losing the venue’s inherent beauty.

The rest of the evening unfolded like a tapestry woven with threads of joy and celebration. Their loved ones emerged, each carrying the warmth of the couple’s love in their smiles. There was cake, sparkling grape juice, and laughter that filled the air, mingling with the crispness of the fall night.

A Journey of Love

Bethany and Nathan’s story is one of shared adventures, a journey that encourages future couples to find joy in the simple act of being together. At 22 Acres Farm, every October promises a golden, vibrant beginning for couples dreaming of tying the knot as the leaves turn and the air grows crisp. Bethany and Nathan’s story is a testament to this. Thank you for allowing us the honor of playing a part in your beautiful journey of love.

Dress: Luxe Redux Bridal | Suit: OP Gallo | Photographer: Joy Flare Photo

Florist + Planner: Hulst Homestead | Caterer: Barrel + Boar Catering | DJ 1F16 Productions

Hair + Makeup: Salon Cheveux | Officiant: Travis Ell


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