"My Soul Speaks in Flowers"

2024 Sunflower & Wildflower Fields

5 acres of photo taking & memory making opportunities!

This is the page where you will find all of the FAQs about our Sunflower & Wildflower field event. 

Address: 5455 Davis Dr SE, Newark, OH 43056

August 1 - August 17, 2024 (flowers are peak earlier than later!)

Monday - Thursday 12-8:30pm, Friday & Saturday 9AM-8:30pm

$5.00 per person. 4 & under are free
How to purchase: Cash or credit at the gate

Yoga in the sunflowers: all 3 Saturdays at 8:30am. Bring a water bottle and a mat. Cost is $20 per person - cash or credit at the gate. 

UPick flowers: 
  • Clippers: Bring your own or purchase ours for $6.50.
  • Bouquet: Pick what will fit in one hand only.  $10
  • 5 gallon bucket: Pack it full!  Your bucket $40. Our bucket (while supplies last) $45.

General Information


We are a family friendly facility.  Clothes MUST be worn at all times - for all ages & genders.
No nudity, no bikinis, no see through tops, no boudoir photography, no barely clothed maternity shoots, underwear must be covered, shoes must be on your feet. 
We will ask those that are inappropriately dressed to clothe or leave. 
Thank you for your understanding. 

Do you need a photographer?
Visual Storytelling & Co will be onsite during all open hours.  These photos are free to take - usually a 5-10 minute session (5-10 photos) depending on how busy the fields are.  You will receive a code for the online gallery.  You have the option of purchasing the photos you love from the online gallery.  Or you can schedule a photoshoot through her website, Visual Storytelling & Co.  

Already have a photographer?
No problem!  Bring them!  Everyone pays the general admission fee.

Are you are photographer that wants to have back to back sessions on the same day?
Pay the general admission fee for each session that you will be having that day.  For example, you have 5 mini sessions scheduled from 4-5:30pm.  You will pay the general admission fee 5 times for yourself (and helpers if you have them).  Please direct questions to 22AcresFarm@gmail.com.  

Be sure to check out these small businesses when you visit the sunflower fields.

Participating Vendors

Giving Back

Every year we have given something back to the community.  This year we are focusing on school supplies for our local schools. Please consider bringing something to support our children's educational experience. Donations can be dropped off at the ticket shed when you check in.  If you give a monetary donation, it will be used to purchase the supplies to give to the schools.

Mother Nature

This is a rain or shine event. If it is raining at your house or on the way, it may not be raining at the sunflower field & visa versa. It is rare that we will close due to weather. Please dress & plan accordingly.

We are at the mercy of Mother Nature. There may be areas of the fields that didn’t turn out as we had hoped. Rain or wind may knock down the sunflowers. Please be mindful that we can not control these things. The life span of sunflowers is about 2 - 2 1/2 weeks.

When you visit our sunflower fields, you will have a chance to view different phases of the sunflowers. You may see sunflowers that haven’t bloomed yet and some that are beyond their prime. This is by design. We plant our sunflower fields in phases on purpose so that there will be sunflowers blooming somewhere on the field  during your visit. There may not be a time during the month when everything has “peaked” at the same time. If you have questions about our sunflowers and our planting process, please ask, we are happy to share what we’ve learned along this journey! With all that being said…. we are always at the mercy of Mother Nature. She can take our best laid plans and turn them upside down with one storm or no rain for a month.

  • Pick more than one flower! See the Ticket Shed for the quantity and price of additional flowers
  • Download the iNaturalist app on your phone and become a Naturalist for the day! Take photos of the flowers and insects that you see during your visit. It’s an easy way to connect with nature and provide valuable data for scientists to research.
  • Walk the paths. Walk all of them! Different views on each path.
  • Take LOTS of photos!
  • Stop by our "Sunflower Store" to shop locally made products.
  • Visit The Honey Hive (converted horse trailer) for mixed lemonades. All proceeds go toward the upkeep, preservation efforts, and pollinator gardens for our honey hives.
  • Local attractions that locals love! Click here for a printable sheet.


Depends on the type of experience you are looking for. If you want a more garden feel and quiet time in the sunflower fields to sit and enjoy nature, we encourage you to come on a week day. Saturday’s are always our busier days.

best time to visit

We are allowing dogs to visit the sunflower fields with you. The following rules MUST be followed and will be enforced for the safety of our farm animals, other people and dogs.
  • All dogs MUST be on a leash at all times - no matter the size or age. Even if you carry your furbaby, they must have a lease attached to them at all times.
  • Please bring your own poopbags and pick up after your dog. We have too many visitors to allow poop in our fields.
  • The dogs are NOT allowed inside the buildings on the property - no exceptions. Dogs stay outside.
  • Please do NOT allow your dogs near any of the farm animals. We do have chickens that free range.
  • Our farm staff’s priority will be the safety of our farm animals, other customers & dogs. You will be asked to leave if these rules are not followed.
  • If you would like photos of your pooch with sunflowers, these photoshoots can be arranged through Visual Storytelling & Co.
  • Pets other than dogs will not be allowed in the sunflower fields. 

We are NOT allowing horses on the property for photoshoots.  

Dogs. horses & other pets

Drones are not permitted. If you fly your drone (it’s very visible!), you will be asked to put it away. If you refuse to put it away, you will be asked to leave.


Please stay off all wood, wire fencing, and gates. We need the fence for our animals. Most of the time, we don’t know or realize that it’s broken until an animal gets out. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.


We do not offer group discounts.

group discounts

The field is relatively flat. The parking lot is also a flat field. We will have handicapped parking close to the field. If you need assistance, please let us know via email 22acresfarm@gmail.com before your arrival. Please indicate the day and time you will be visiting.

handicapped accessible

Our honey bees LOVE the sunflowers, the lavender, and pollinator garden! They will be out working during your visit. It’s fascinating to watch and you might get to see a bright yellow honeybee because it’s covered in pollen! If you are allergic, make sure you are prepared. The bees are busy doing their own thing and are not out to harm you but accidents happen. Be prepared. If you do get stung, please let us know at the ticket shed or store so we can get you some ice or provide additional assistance if needed.
We will have honey for sale in our consignment store. We do not offer tours of our hives and you probably won’t see our hives from the sunflower fields.

Honey bees

Strollers and small wagons are permitted in the fields. Small feet get tired - let them ride!

kid carriers

The Barn (our venue) will not be available for tours but you can take a peek inside the upper level (please don’t cross the ropes). If you are looking for a venue for an event, please visit the WEDDINGS section of our website for more information. 

our venue

There is onsite parking. Follow the parking lot directions and park in designated parking spots. Please do not stop on the road or in the driveway to take pictures - it’s dangerous and it is too congested. We are located on a “busy” country road. Please pull into our parking lot & park in a spot if you need to stop. We don’t mind — we would prefer it over causing an accident!


Refunds will not be offered.


There are many paths throughout the sunflower fields. Please stay on the paths. Use The Barn as a point of reference as it’s the tallest building on the property. 

Walking paths

  • Each person can leave with 1 sunflower - even those under 4.
  • Additional sunflowers can be purchased during check-in when you arrive. 
  • Please only pick those you intend on taking and leave the sunflowers for others to enjoy. 
  • Bring a set of clippers or you may purchase clippers at the ticket shed for $6.
  • If you are traveling a distance, remember to bring something that can keep the stems moist. We do have water available but it might be difficult traveling with a bucket full of water.
  • Bouquet (one HAND full): $10
  • 3 gallon bucket: $30 (we provide bucket & while supplies last)
  • 5 gallon bucket: $40 (bring your own or purchase one of ours for an additional $5)

picking flowers

Restrooms are available.


Frequently Asked Questions

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