Hoops and Happily Ever After

Nestled in the rustic countryside outside Columbus, Ohio, 22 Acres Farm witnessed Brooklyn and Connor’s happily ever after. From a serendipitous meeting at Dave and Busters to a heartfelt proposal, their journey set the stage for a charming celebration last September filled with love and laughter.

A bride and groom in the Ohio countryside following their fall barn wedding.

A Chance Meeting

After moving to Ohio for his new job as a pilot, Connor set out with some friends to explore the area. Fate intervened at Dave and Busters, where he and Brooklyn met. It was an arcade basketball game that brought them together, paving the way for a romance that was just beginning. After Brooklyn emerged victorious, they engaged in a couple of friendly rematches, eventually exchanging phone numbers to begin their romantic journey.

The Proposal

The night before their one-year anniversary, Connor orchestrated a unique proposal for Brooklyn. Inspired by a TikTok trend, the “date card” game led them through a day of shared experiences. Unbeknownst to Brooklyn, every choice was carefully planned, culminating in a magical setup at home. A red carpet, candles, balloons, and fairy lights framed the heartfelt question: “Will you marry me?

A ring inside wedding flowers

Anticipation for the Big Day

As the wedding day approached, excitement filled Brooklyn and Connor, both looking forward to some special moments beyond the obvious joy of getting married. With a desire for a unique and authentic barn wedding, Brooklyn and Connor found their dream venue in 22 Acres Farm.

A bridal party sipping champagne in a rustic bridal suite at 22 Acres Farm.

The barn, complete with picturesque countryside surroundings and charming farm life, created the perfect backdrop for their rustic, elegant, and light-hearted celebration. Notably, their mid-September wedding was a testament to the farm’s beauty during the start of the beautiful fall season.

Planning Tips and Advice

For future couples planning a wedding, Brooklyn and Connor offered the following suggestions:

“Amazon will be your best friend when planning a wedding. Most of our decor is DIY, and it was the best decision we ever made. Not only did it save money, but it’s a fun way to bond with your partner and bridal party.”

Their advice also includes creating a timeline to avoid last-minute stress and embracing imperfections, knowing that the day will be perfect, regardless. To simplify things even further, the couple incorporated many items from our Something Borrowed Room, a unique and complimentary offering for all couples who marry here.

From flowers and greenery to flameless candles and whiskey barrels, we were happy to help complete the look, creating the perfect setting for their special day. We understand the stress that comes with planning a wedding, so we do our best to take care of the heavy lifting, enabling our couples to actually enjoy their wedding day.

Happily Ever After

Seeing these two together truly was a testament to their love, and we are so grateful to have taken part in such a special part in their journey together. Thinking back on their special day, the couple shared,

“Connor and I genuinely enjoyed our wedding at your farm, and we couldn’t have asked for a better venue! Thank you for everything you’ve done for us since the minute we booked.”

Brooklyn and Connor celebrated their love with an outdoor ceremony overlooking the beautiful fields that surround our little slice of heaven. Their mid-September celebration was alcohol-free, yet it proved to be a perfect choice for an unforgettable day. From a tasty catered meal to great music and delectable sweets, their wedding was truly one to remember.

A Union of Joy

Brooklyn and Connor’s love story reflects the magic found in the heart of Ohio’s countryside. Their celebration at 22 Acres Farm serves as a beautiful beginning to their journey as a married couple. We wish you all the best in your future together.

Dress: Wendy’s Bridal | Planner: Erica Rose Events, LLC | Photographer: Brooklyn Faith Photography

Caterer: Doug’s Farside Catering | DJ: New Image Studios-Music Express Entertainment

Linens: Ruffly Chic Designs | Florist: Village Flower Basket | Hair/Makeup: Millennium Styles

Cake/Sweets: Kroger Bakery | Officiant: Donna Romine | Photo Booth: Erica Rose Events, LLC


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