A Mother’s Day Affair to Remember

When Letitia and Chris Powell first walked into the Barn at 22 Acres Farm, they knew it was the space they had always dreamed of—a place to bring loved ones together through memorable events and exciting gatherings such as our annual Mother’s Day event.

Having raised their own family, they knew celebrating the holidays and taking part in special events together was a wonderful way to extend their warmth and grow in their connection with others. Hosted by the Powell family, the Mother’s Day Brunch remains consistent in its purpose of bringing joy and connection to the wonderful mothers of the Columbus, Ohio community.

A Serene Affair

The staff at 22 Acres Farm was ready to make the second annual Mother’s Day Brunch a success. Chef Steve, the culinary genius behind “The Professional Caterer,” created a delectable feast that guests enjoyed. Guests enjoyed the enchanting harp melodies of Olivia Claggett, and the Venue into a delightful mixture of flavors and sounds.

Guests were pleasantly surprised at how relaxing and enjoyable the event was for them. With no lines at the buffet stations, and the owners and chef taking the time to visit with each table, all guests were provided with ample opportunities to relax, mingle, take in the surrounding scenery, and altogether enjoy the affair.

The Experience

As guests entered the rustic Barn, they found their tables adorned with welcoming centerpieces topped with delicious arrangements of sweets, cheeses, and savory treats. Servers navigated through the crowd, serving warm food dishes to guests, while the Venue staff presented cold and warm drinks and a yogurt bar buffet.

For many of the guests, this lovely experience was not merely an event, but a cherished gift. The depth of thought and care that went into every detail overjoyed them. Hearts swelled as mothers were showered with such love and all reveled in the beautiful, relaxing music.

Memories to Last a Lifetime

In addition to the beautiful, candid photos taken of the event, Visual Storytelling and Co. brought along an associate photographer. This gave guests the opportunity to have professional photos taken with the option to later purchase them. The lower level of our Barn was the perfect spot for a photo booth during the event.

Following the event, guests had the opportunity to visit our greenhouse and see the beautiful floral arrangements. Hanging proudly and available to purchase, everyone enjoyed seeing what our on-site florists could do.

An Annual Tradition

22 Acres Farm was honored to have hosted the beautiful mothers and families who joined in this event. Letitia and Chris have always dreamed of this tradition and look forward to hosting it for years to come. For more information on the event and details on how to join us next year, please visit 22acresfarm.com.

Caterer: Chef Steve | Photographer: Visual Storytelling and Co. | Music: Olivia Claggett


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