Nicole + Jordan’s Everlasting Love Story

It is rare to find a couple who have known from the very start that their romance is an everlasting love story. But for Nicole and Jordan, they just knew they were meant to be together. Having met as kids at school, the two quickly recognized the love they had.

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They began dating early in school, through college, and eventually moved into their first home together. With a romance some describe as “an everlasting type of love that so many people dream about,” 22 Acres Farm was honored to have hosted their union.

The Proposal

Love just came easy for these two, and so did doing life together. One evening, Nicole and Jordan were cooking dinner together, just like they did any other night, and Nicole turned around to find Jordan down on one knee. Her reaction, however, was no surprise to anyone that knows her. When Jordan asked Nicole to be his wife, her reply was simply, “Duh.”

country Columbus romance

This happy couple could not wait to take the next step in their relationship—one step closer to happily ever after. When we asked why they chose 22 Acres Farm for their special day, they shared:

“We chose [Venue @ 22] because it mixes both Jordan’s love of the country and Nicole’s modern twist to create the most magical space where we can make memories we will never forget.”

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Planning for Forever

With a countryside venue in place, this happy couple got busy planning their special day. We provided the modern yet elegant space that Nicole and Jordan were looking for. With natural crème tones and simple décor and floral arrangements, we were able to transform 22 Acres Farm into their vision for the day.

Country Columbus romance

It is always fun when our couples switch up the “norm,” creating a layout as unique as their love for each other. While we offer several location options, many of our couples wed in our downstairs barnyard area, with a reception upstairs to follow. This couple, however, held their beautiful ceremony upstairs, with festivities to follow downstairs and on our patio.

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Celebrating Mr. and Mrs.

Once this beautiful couple said, “I Do,” it was time to celebrate with their many loved ones who joined in their happy union. A cocktail hour immediately followed their ceremony, while the wedding party took photos around the grounds and countryside surrounding 22 Acres Farm. A catered dinner and reception followed, with a DJ and dance floor outside.

When asked what advice they would like to offer to future couples, Nicole and Jordan shared:

“Stay present on your wedding day. All that matters is who you are standing at the altar with. One piece of advice we got from so many others who were recently married was to spend less time greeting people and more time soaking in the day because it will fly by, so we will be living by this on our day.”

Country Columbus Romance

When it came down to it, this couple did exactly that, balancing time with loved ones and each other. With a proper plan in place, and a handful of trusted individuals keeping things running smoothly, a stress-free wedding is totally possible.

From everyone at 22 Acres Farm, we thank you! Nicole and Jordan, we wish you all the best in your lives together.

Everlasting Columbus Love

Photographer: Jenna Rosalie Photography | Officiant: Brenton Austin | Dress: Universe Bridal

DJ: DJ Atomix | Florist: Sweet Blossom Floral | Hair: Flynt Rose Hair Studios

Makeup: Carlyjomakeup | Caterer: City Barbeque


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