An Enchanting October Fall Wedding

The trees draped themselves in the splendorous tones of autumn and gently kissed dramatic, windswept clouds as a romantic October fall wedding unfolded here at 22 Acres Farm. In spite of a chill in the air, the warmth of The Barn and the glow in the hearts of all in attendance was more than enough to keep spirits bright.

Setting the Scene

Although the couple’s original plan was to hold their ceremony outside, nature had other ideas, quickly turning moody skies into rain. Fortunately, a little bit of rain stands no chance of spoiling anyone’s special day here at 22 Acres Farm. In place of an outdoor ceremony, The Barn was beautifully adorned in ethereal white drapes and warm, golden lights.

The couple added white accents to the attendants’ copper-colored attire, creating a subtle counterpoint to The Barn’s rustic wooden interiors. The white flowers were especially charming set atop the whiskey barrels from our Something Borrowed Room.

Lighting played an important part in setting the proper mood for this love story—subtly warm and glowing. The candles on the beam in the back of the ceremony area were a great addition to the fairy lights and a few neon features.

A Stunning October Fall Wedding Ceremony

When the hour was at hand, family and friends gathered in excited, bubbly anticipation for the joyful event to begin. The ceremony space echoed with their laughter and happy chatter, and their beaming smiles brightened the room.

A gentle hush fell over the gathering as the ceremony began. When the couple finally exchanged their heartfelt vows in front of the open doors, a hallowed light shone upon them both.

Guests fueled up for the upcoming party, indulging in delicious food and refreshing drinks from the couple’s chosen food truck and beverage service. A little rain could not ruin this hungry parade! While standing in line, a few guests sheltered under our picture-perfect umbrellas, which we allow couples to borrow for their event at no cost.

Light Up the Night and Dance it Away

After everyone had their fill, it was time to get the music going and light up the dance floor. The couple gave guests multicolor glow sticks for added fun and whimsy on their special day. By the looks of it, this amazing celebration made quite the splash!

A Warm Glow Inside that Lasts Forever

This day couldn’t have been more perfect. All of us at 22 Acres Farm hope the memories of it will forever warm hearts of this couple. Thank you for allowing us to share in your happy celebration. Best wishes to you both!

Photographer: Visual Storytelling + Co | Bar Service: Tap Truck Ohio

DJ: Turn Up Columbus | Food Truck: Paddy Wagon | Linens: Taylor Linen Company


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